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Want A Great Deal On A Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

Welcome to NashCan Spas, Southern Ontario's choice for top quality hot tubs, spas, and swim spas at a discount price

A home spa delivers health and lifestyle benefits that last for years. Still, it represents a significant initial investment. So why not keep that up-front outlay as low as possible?

NashCan Spas can save you thousands

Perhaps you've been to the dealers and home shows, looked at the features, but you just can't afford what you want right now. Don't put it off! Call us. Our price will get you soaking in that tub now.

But you're thinking, "I don't want a cheap spa. I want quality." Of course you do and we wouldn't recommend anything else.

What about quality?

The quality of spas is pretty much the same. A spa manufacturer makes very few of the parts that go into the spa. They buy the parts (motors, pumps, heaters, ozonators, filters, controls, jets, etc.) from a very small group of suppliers. When comparing higher-end models from different manufacturers, chances are that the same or equivalent parts are used in both. The salesman then has to make a big deal about minor variations to convince you that his spa is better. Sure there are some cheap spas out there, but you'll be able spot them pretty easily.

So what are the differences between spa manufacturers?

The spa manufacturer designs the shell (seats, layout, jet placement) and cabinet. The manufacturer also makes the shell and cabinet, installs the (off the shelf) parts, and the insulation. Here's what to consider:

  • Look at the number of seats, the style, and layout. Choose a spa with the number of seats you plan to use. Do you want a recliner? Do you want deep seats, shallower seats, or a combination? Each model orients the seats differently – think about how you will use the spa and what layout will work best for you. Sit in the tub and make sure you are comfortable. More seats increase the size of the tub, which is a price factor.
  • More jets. Jets blast water and air to massage you and enhance the hot tub experience. Notice where the jets are placed in the seats and which areas of your body will receive the hydro-therapy. Some jets are exceptionally large or concentrated which maximizes the massage in a particular area (typically the lower back or neck). The number and size of jets affects the cost of the spa.
  • More pumps. All of those massage jets need one or more pumps to deliver the water. The number and size of the pumps contribute to the cost of the spa.
  • Synthetic cabinets eliminate maintenance. Traditionally, spa cabinets were made of wood. Despite using weather resistant species (cedar and redwood), wood cabinets inevitably require annual refinishing to maintain appearance and prevent rot. Most hot tubs today feature maintenance-free, synthetic cabinets.

What About All That Optional Stuff?

You can equip your hot tub with televisions, stereo systems, LED light systems, waterfalls and fountains, all of which increase the enjoyment of your spa. A cover lift and steps make it easier to use your spa. An ozonator helps keep your water clean and reduces the chemicals required. All of these options are great, but none are required and they increase the cost of the spa. It's your choice – let us help you decide.

Four Winds Spas

NashCan Spas features the Four Wind Spas line of tubs, a class above others!


We use the unique Eco-Clean Water Filtration System made of an anti-bacterial media that helps prevent bacterial growth, as well as working to filter out 99.9% of the pathogens and particulates that can grow in a warm water environment like a hot tub, if not filtered properly. This results in the cleanest, healthiest hot tub and spa experience for you and your family.

Green Energy

We bring you one of the most efficient Energy Retention Spas in the industry. Our shell with it's ABS backed Acrylic and the factory applied two part Poly-Urethan system, maximizes the heat retention to save you more on your monthly power bill.

Along with our 5-3" foam-filled cover, the Balboa state-of-the-art control allows you to put your spa into "sleep mode", providing even more savings. These are some of the ways we help you save money!

Ergonomic Design

Four Winds has engineered ergonomically designed seating to enhance your comfort. By strategically positioning jets to direct power to trigger points, our spas offer comfort, style and optimized hydrotherapuetic health benefit.


Warm-water therapy provides a multitude of health benefits ranging from stress reduction to muscle recovery. A hot tub can be one of the most rewarding lifestyle decisions you make.
"Thank you for your honesty and helpfulness."

"What probably struck us the most
 was your price."

"Thank you for your ethical treatment"
John, Pickering
"The best purchase we have ever made."
Wes & Sheila
" I just wanted to let you know that we bought a hot tub from you in 2008 and it was the best thing we ever did. In 2007 I was rear ended and my car totaled. I had back pains for months! Going to a chiropractor and massage therapy did help some. But a few months after buying your hot tub I was able to make my hour commute to work without taking any pain pills. One of the good things also is that with a letter from my chiropractor and the recite I was able to receive some of my expense back on my income tax. Thanks again are still enjoying our hot tub. "
J Peacock, Oshawa

Outdoor spas can be used
year-round in any climate

We are very thrilled. The massaging jets instantly relieve the day's stress and tension and I can't tell you how much better we both feel. Who could have imagined sitting outside looking at stars in our Canadian winters – it is wonderful.  
Steve & Cathy, Toronto

Our tubs are easy
to own and operate


What's a Swim Spa?
Swim spas are a combination hot tub and small pool. In addition to all of the benefits of a hot tub, swim spas offer aquatic exercise and therapy to improve fitness and wellness.
We specialize in swim spas!

NashCan Spas is committed to supply you with the highest quality and reliability at the best possible price. Our many customers will testify to that!

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